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Update from Pastor Kevin

Dear Northway Church,

In this article, I would like to update you on several important matters: 1) Worship this Sunday, 2) Our July Sunday worship services, and 3) the release of my new book. 

First, I hope you will make it a point to be in worship this Sunday as we conclude the series, “Living Right-Side-Up in an Upside-Down World.” This week we will see Solomon’s instructions on listening to the right voices. In a world in which we are hit with a barrage of information, ideas, and opinions, it is more important than ever to be able to discern what is true and right. I’m excited to dive into this text with you and gain some of Solomon’s wisdom on this matter. 

As well, we will feature this Sunday a brief report about our Rabun county and Honduras mission teams. I look forward to seeing these pictures and hearing about the great things the Lord did through our team members!

Second, our worship services in July will feature messages by several different pastors who faithfully serve our church. Will Washburn, Ryan Knapp, Chris Wegmann, and Stephen Howard will be preaching from the book of Psalms, and I know you will want to be present in worship as they teach us from God’s word. 

During July, I will be serving with our Guatemala mission team, teaching at our KID’s Camp, writing our winter Home Team study, and taking some time for personal vacation. I greatly appreciate our church allowing me this break from Sunday sermon preparation to focus on other important ministries of our church. 

Finally, you may have seen the recent Facebook post regarding the release of my new book, The Day the Church Died. This book is in the category of “speculative fiction.” In it, I marry what we see currently happening in the church world with the quickly changing morals and values of our culture. Although completely fictional, this book paints a picture of where the American church and our nation are headed if trends continue in the same direction. My hope and prayer is that it will serve as a wake-up call for those of us who follow Christ. 

Now, here is my shameless plug: Books need “digital traction” to get noticed. Any purchases and reviews on Amazon would be greatly appreciated! The publisher, thankfully, is able to sell the book at a very reasonable price ($7.25 for Kindle, $15.00 for paperback). Here is the Amazon link to purchase. Thank you so much for your support!

I look forward to being with you this Sunday in worship!

Your Pastor, 


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