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It’s Pastor Kevin’s 15th Anniversary as Pastor!

Northway Church is fortunate and blessed to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Pastor Kevin Mills as Lead Pastor on November 6, 2022.

From the outset of his ministry here, God has used Pastor Kevin to bring peace and stability to a young congregation that was founded less than 10 years earlier. A clear vision for ministry was established that guided the mission of the church to focus on worship, small group discipleship, and missions. Also, from the beginning, there was always an emphasis on providing excellence in our Next Gen ministries. Strengthening families has been a high priority.

Over the years, God has used Pastor Kevin’s leadership to grow the church as evidenced by:

  • Sunday morning attendance has almost tripled.

  • 465 individuals have been baptized.

  • Two building expansions have taken place.

  • The debt on the original building was paid off along with the first building expansion.

  • The church budget has more than doubled.

In recent years, the vision of the church has broadened to become “For the Gospel. For the City.” It is Pastor Kevin’s desire that everything the church does is Gospel-centered as we make a difference in our wonderful city of Macon.

Show your appreciation

As a tangible way of showing your appreciation to Pastor Kevin and his wife, Katie, you are encouraged to write a note of encouragement. Blank cards will be available for you on Sunday morning on which you can write your message, or you are welcome to select your own card and bring it on Sunday or mail it to the church. A basket to receive the notes will be available in the Main Lobby and Preschool Lobby.

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