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For the Gospel. For the City. For the Future.

Dear Northway Family,

I hope you’ll make it a priority to be with us in worship on Sunday morning, May 22, at either our 9AM or 10:30AM worship service. Here is why:

In 2018, we completed the project that included a new student center, expansion of our foyer, Cathedral Coffee, and additional parking. Shortly after the completion of these additions, we began having discussions about the need for more room — specifically for our worship center — as we were regularly having capacity issues on Sunday mornings.

Then COVID hit.

This pandemic caused disruptions across every area of our lives. For thirteen weeks, we did not gather in person for worship. Then, we allowed those who registered to come to worship, but there was no other programming. Slowly, we added in our preschool, children, and student meetings. Today, we are back to a full schedule of gatherings happening on our campus.

However, we now find ourselves with the same problems we were experiencing just before the quarantine of 2020. We are nearly at full capacity in our worship center. Our parking lot is almost full each Sunday. We need more common space. To quote the late, great Yogi Berra: “It’s like Deja Vu all over again.”

A little over a year ago, our Lead Ministry Team began discussing the next steps we need to take as a church. We sought the assistance of a highly-regarded design-build firm. We put together a team composed of volunteers from the various ministries of our church. We commissioned this team to discuss the ways our campus could be improved to better facilitate our ministry to this community. This team met in small groups and as a large group with the representatives of our design-build firm. After several meetings, a master plan for Northway has been developed.

On Sunday morning, May 22, this plan will be presented in both worship services. Then, that afternoon, at 5PM, you are invited to a business meeting where more specific information will be given regarding our master plan.

I have no doubt that the Lord has an incredibly bright future in store for Northway. I’m excited about sharing this master plan with you and look forward to seeing you on May 22.

Your Pastor,


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