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Construction Update

Dear Northway Church:

I’d like you to be aware of a few changes coming soon to our campus as well as an update on our goal to eliminate our debt by the end of this year.

1 — Preschool Hallway Renovation:

Over the last couple of years, our team has worked on a plan to give a badly needed facelift to our now 25-year-old preschool area. This part of our campus is occupied six days a week, and the facilities have certainly shown the effects of this use. These facilities are used by our preschool families on Sunday mornings as well as Monday — Friday by our Weekday Preschool Program. This renovation will include new cabinets, flooring, and paint, as well as an update to the bathrooms located on the hallway just outside of the preschool area.

The majority of the costs related to this renovation will be covered through a state grant offered to weekday preschool programs. One stipulation of the grant is that a portion of the funds be allocated for facility improvements.

As of this writing, the expected date to begin the renovation is November 13. The project will affect both our Weekday Preschool and Sunday morning preschool families. We will keep you updated on any changes you can expect to your normal schedule.

2 — Replacement of Roofs:

Prior to beginning the renovation on the Preschool wing, we will replace the roofs over the main Worship Center as well as the Preschool and Children’s wings. We expect this roof repair and replacement to begin sometime in early November.

As well, we have explored the cost to repair the steeple over our Worship Center. The cost to remove, repair, and replace the steeple is over $100,000. Our Lead Ministry Team believes it is fiscally irresponsible to spend these funds to repair and replace the steeple on a location that isn’t planned to be our main Worship Center in the next building phase.

Therefore, our leadership has decided to remove the current steeple and store it with MidState Steel. MidState Steel has offered to store the steeple at no cost to the church. This will allow us to move forward with the roof repair while then exploring options for use of the current steeple as either part of the new worship center or in another visible location on our campus.

I’m aware there may be questions raised when the steeple over the church is removed. As one faithful deacon told me, “Baptist churches have fought and divided over far lesser matters.” He is certainly correct, and that is why we need your help in protecting the unity of the church. When you hear any rumors or misinformation, please share in those discussions the reasons for this temporary removal of the steeple.

3 — Demolish the Debt:

Finally, if you are a regular reader of the Northway News, you have seen the balance on our loan decline significantly over the last several weeks. Thank you so much for your faithful giving to Faith for the Future so that we can be debt-free by the end of 2023! While the timing and exact scope of our next building phase isn’t entirely clear at this point, we know that this reduction of debt will allow us to focus on saving for what the Lord has next for Northway Church. Thank you again for your giving!

I look forward to being with you Sunday in worship as we continue our series on I Kings entitled, “A Royal Mess.”

Your Pastor,


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