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In response to God’s calling to educate preschoolers, Northway Church seeks to nurture, encourage, and respect each child in our program. We seek to partner with parents to provide a learning environment based on the individual needs and interests of the children we serve. Through developmentally appropriate curriculum, we strive to meet children intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Guided by Christian beliefs, we seek to be innovative and educational as we serve church and community families with young children.



It is our purpose to help preschoolers see themselves as a special creation of God and to help strengthen their physical and mental abilities giving them the self-confidence to become healthy, emotionally stable, socially adjusted, reasoning individuals in their world.


Our goal is to provide a well-rounded program lovingly guided by Christian teachers in a safe and positive environment. Christian ideas and attitudes prevail as trained, dedicated teachers give the children many opportunities to learn in a wide variety of areas.

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