Serve at Northway

The third component of our mission at Northway is Change the World. We believe that you don’t have to go on a mission trip to a foreign country in order to make a difference. One of the best ways to change the world is by starting right here at your local church, serving on Sundays!

Doing “church” at Northway couldn’t happen without the wonderful and gracious volunteers who serve each and every Sunday morning. Over 200 volunteers are involved every week to meet the needs of each of our ministry areas such as:

  • Preschool: teachers, nursery workers, greeters, worship leaders
  • Children: worship leaders, greeters, crowd control, media technicians, small group leaders, small group helpers
  • Students: teachers, group leaders, greeters
  • iConnect: greeters, guest services, parking lot greeters, ushers
  • Worship and Media: sound and video technicians, camera operators, directors, choir and band members

Ready to Serve?

We invite you to view our ministry manual where you will find a comprehensive list of all the ways you can serve at Northway.

If you have specific questions or are ready to begin serving, contact the ministry leader for each area. You can find their contact information on the staff page.

If you aren’t sure where your gifts would best be utilized, we invite you to take PLACE, an eight-week class designed to help you discover what your gifts are and your ideal place of service. Learn more about PLACE.