Our Vision

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The mission of Northway Church is to lead people into a life-changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our strategy to accomplish this is short, simple, and to the point.

We seek to help people:



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Northway Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. Our doctrinal statement is expressed in the Baptist Faith and Message.

Biblical Authority

We believe that God has spoken to us through the inerrant scriptures. It alone is the primary authority of our church.

Life Change

We believe that a normal Christian life is one that is consistently experiencing life-change. We value worship, Bible study, prayer, environments, and other opportunities that facilitate intimacy with God that results in life change.

Authentic Community

We believe that accountability, care, and a sense of belonging are critical to progress and sustain life change. These three things are best achieved within a context of a small group of like-minded, relationally-connected believers.

Cultural Relevance

We believe that we are here to engage the culture that surrounds us. We value the use of cultural awareness, creativity, technology, and other timely methods to relevantly present the timeless message of Christ.

Strategic Service

We believe that as members of the body of Christ, each Christian is responsible to use his or her giftedness in tandem with other believers. Maximum impact for each believer is contingent on serving in a way that reflects his or her gifts, passions, personality, experiences, and level of commitment.

Relational Evangelism

We believe that all believers have the responsibility to assist in carrying out the Great Commission in their sphere of influence.

Future Generations

We believe that the most powerful impact we can make on tomorrow is found in the impressions we create today on the forming minds of future generations. It is our desire to provide excellence in the environments, spaces, and events we provide for children.