Northway Church will be physically gathering for worship on Sunday, June 14 at 10:30AM. There are a number of protocols we are following to protect those attending. Please read carefully the information on our website about our reopen plan.

As we gather together for the first time in thirteen weeks, I plan to pause our series in I Corinthians. Since this pandemic began, there have been several issues I’ve wanted to address. However, each week I would think, “Hopefully we will return to worship in the next week or two, and I’ll do it then.” Of course, you know how that story goes. It’s been three months since we’ve physically met together for worship. We’ve celebrated Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, and Mother’s Day all online, something none of us ever imagined happening. 

Now, as we slowly and carefully return to gathering together on our campus, I’m starting a three-week series entitled, “Now These Three Reign: Fear, Doubt, and Worry.” While I Corinthians tells us that faith, hope, and love remain, in this current environment we can say that fear, doubt, and worry reign. How do we deal with these powerful emotions during these difficult times?

Most of us would love to push the reset button on 2020. We’ve yet to reach the halfway mark of this year, and already we’ve experienced a pandemic, school cancellations, economic turbulence, racial tensions, and unrest in cities across our nation. Added to all of this is the uncertainty of the days, weeks, and months ahead. Will there be a second wave of COVID-19? Will schools begin this fall as normal? What will happen to the stock market and the employment numbers? What about the upcoming presidential election? Will life ever return to some degree of normalcy?

All of this leads us to experience a range of emotions, and likely at the top of your list are the three amigos of fear, doubt, and worry. This Sunday we will talk about fear; on June 21 we will look at doubt; and we’ll conclude the series on June 28 with worry. 

I hope you’ll join us in person if you have already registered or online this Sunday, June 14 as I begin this three-week series that’s been on my heart and mind for the last three months. I’m very excited about preaching to more than just one person behind a camera and worshipping together with my church family!