Worship Residency

Welcome to the northway worship residency

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Northway Worship Residency! This worship experience allows you to integrate your life with Northway Church for a minimum of a year, broaden your leadership abilities, and grow in your faith. We will be focusing on your spiritual development, worship leadership, and developing other behind-the-scenes skills such as songwriting, Ableton programming, Planning Center training, lighting design, and countless other necessary skills.




What you need to know

Residents will lead worship on Sundays for Sunday morning services and/or Sunday evening student services.

Residents will have 10 weekly office hours, and will be paid $10/hour.

We will be flexible to work around the class schedules and extra curricular activities of students.

We will provide residents with laptops to use during the time period of their residency.


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email Eric hays: ehays@northwaychurch.net

or call: (770) 910-3749