Our Sunday morning student programming, called The Forum, meets at 9AM for high school students and 10:30AM for middle school students! Look below to see a list of our upcoming student events!

Who We Are

Northway Student Ministry (NSM) is a gospel-centered, community-driven, and missions-minded group of students and leaders. It’s our desire to see 6th-12th grade students equipped with the gospel, trained in the Word, and given the skills to go and make disciples of all nations while having a whole lot of fun along the way!

What We Do

We believe that students are the most influential force in their schools, in their clubs, on their teams, and in their community. That is why we give students three different opportunities to come to God, connect with others, and change their world:

The Forum
Learn more about each of these opportunities on the Student Activities page.

Middle School

Middle school is a trying time of transition for students. As they discover who they are and how they fit into the world, it is our goal to a assist parents in helping students firmly plant their feet in the hope that is given to them in Christ Jesus. A hope that calms the biggest anxieties, disappointments, and fears with the unshakeable belief that God is always for his people.

High School

God is most glorified in us when we rejoice in him. It is our desire to come alongside parents in order to help students see the fullness of joy that comes with a life committed to Christ Jesus. This does not mean life is always easy, but it does mean that even in the hardest days we can find joy in the love of our savior. Captivating students with this lasting joy in Christ arms them against sin and enables them to pursue a life that is both fulfilling and honoring to God.