Welcome to Northway Kids! Our goal here at Northway is to have fun, learn about Jesus, make new friends, and to take what we learn out into our communities. We believe very strongly that equating church with having a great time is an important value to instill in our kids; we want to keep them coming back so we can keep planting seeds of Truth in their hearts. We want every child to know that God does big things in our lives and His house is a great place to come together, serve one another, and honor Him! We hope that you see these principles in action here at Northway Kids and we look forward to seeing you on Sundays!

First Time @ Northways Kids

Here’s what you can expect when you arrive for your first time at Northway Kids.

When you first arrive, you will need to check your child in at one of our check in counters. Look for any Northway Church volunteer with a nametag and they will get you signed in.

Also, make sure to pick up a welcome bag for both your family and your child! Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to make sure that your children have plenty of time to get registered.

After you are registered, you and your child will be given matching security tags that are unique to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the nametag portion of your matching security tags, which bears a code that is matched to your portion during checkout at the end of the service. During checkout, you will return to your child’s room and show your tag in order for your child to be released back to you.

If your child needs you during the service, we’ll contact you by displaying the unique code from your security tag in our adult worship. After you are all registered and name tags are printed, you’ll be shown to your child’s location for worship. If you have any questions in this process, feel free to ask the check- in desk for help!

What does a Sunday morning look like?

Sunday mornings in NKM are made up of two parts – KIDS Worship and KIDS Small Groups. When you check-in at our welcome desk, our check-in hosts will escort you to the appropriate place. To get a feel for what your child will be doing, check out the schedule below!


We know your child’s safety is important to you and we share that concern. From matching parent and child security tags to ensuring that every volunteer is screened with an interview and a federal background check, we go to great lengths to ensure that each environment is a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your child.


At Northway Church, we want to fully support all families and our VIP Ministry is designed especially for children with special needs and their families. Our VIP suite, located just off the KIDS Hall, provides a safe and monitored place for your child to attend church. The service is broadcasted on our TV inside the VIP Suite and there are appropriate resources for interacting, teaching, and engaging your child. There are wonderful, screened volunteers who are gifted at helping our VIP’s throughout the entire morning, which includes a small group lesson and craft, lesson video, fun with sensory items, and other age-appropriate activities.

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