Dear Northway Church,

Over the past two Sundays we have re-gathered on our campus for worship. I am tremendously thankful for our volunteers and participants in worship who have made these times so successful. While not ideal, everyone has registered, worn face coverings, socially distanced, and followed the other protocols we have placed on our gatherings. I’m hopeful that everything will return to a more normal state soon; however, we are just unable to make any long-term plans at this point. 

Early in 2020, my plan was to continue our series in I Corinthians through the month of June. Like most of our plans, this has been adjusted due to the COVID-19 virus. Once we were able to gather for worship in person, I decided to push pause on that series to address a topic that has been on my heart and mind since this pandemic began. With the passing of each week, the uncertainty about the future, the racial tensions in our nation, the sputtering of our economy, and all the questions we have about when life will ever be normal again, I decided to address the emotions that most of us are feeling right now. I titled this series, “Now These Three Reign: Fear, Doubt, and Worry.” This Sunday, June 28, we will conclude this series by looking at how the emotion of worry keeps us from being the best versions of ourselves. I look forward to see many of you this Sunday in worship!

I will be taking some time in July to plan for the next year as well as work on training and vision casting with our staff. We have several young, capable ministers on our staff who have agreed to preach during the month of July in my place. Following is the schedule of who will be preaching and when: 

July 5: Nate McGehee, Associate Student Pastor

July 12: Stephen Howard, Next Gen Pastor

July 19: Ryan Knapp, College and Online Pastor

July 26: Stephen Howard, Next Gen Pastor

I look forward to hearing from these guys and seeing how the Lord uses them to speak truth into our lives. 

As well, please note our bi-annual business meeting this Sunday evening at 5PM. This will be for the purpose of voting on the recommended 2020-21 church budget. This budget has been developed by our staff in coordination with our Finance Team, then presented to and approved by both our Lead Ministry Team and our Deacons. I look forward to presenting this to our church and answering any questions you have. We will meet in our worship center and will ask everyone to socially distance in that space as we meet. 

Finally, please know that we are working hard on plans for returning to a normal church schedule, whatever the new normal will be. As of this writing, we are aiming for early August, hopefully in conjunction with students returning to school. As more plans and information becomes available, we will certainly let you know. 

I hope you and your family are doing well, staying well, and I look forward to seeing you soon!