“We will begin the series on Easter Sunday and finish it on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.” Those were the words I spoke to our staff sometime in the fall of 2019 regarding a sermon series on I Corinthians. I was in the process of outlining the book, researching the history of Corinth and Paul’s time in the city, and making plans to travel to Greece to film “on location” sermon introductions. 

Then, the pandemic hit. I was able to follow the plan in April and May on the sermon series. Truthfully, having the video footage from Corinth was a great supplement to our worship services that were exclusively online. Several members commented to me that seeing the places where Paul walked and the church existed helped them to better understand the text.

Once we were able to regather (albeit in a limited fashion), I felt the need to push pause on this series and address the emotions most of us were (and are) having during these very strange times. This summer we dealt with fear, doubt, and worry as well as discussing how to navigate troubled times. It was a necessary break and we were able to look at a number of passages and verses that remind us of God’s faithfulness to us even during difficult days. 

However, now, after a roughly two and a half month hiatus, we will return this Sunday to our series, “Jesus Changes Everything.” In April and May, we covered chapters 1-4. This coming Sunday, we will pick back up with chapter 5.

WARNING! If you have only scanned this article to this point, please, please start reading carefully. Chapter 5 of I Corinthians covers an extremely immoral situation that was happening in the church at Corinth. A member of that church was engaging in a sexual relationship with his stepmom. If you have younger children, I would encourage you to have them in our KIDS programming on Sunday. For middle school students and above, nothing said will go beyond what is in the chapter and will be appropriate for their age. However, if you do not want your 2nd grader asking certain questions, you will want to have them in our children’s programming this Sunday.

Finally, as we continue to find ways to do ministry during these times, I want to thank you for your faithfulness and support for this ministry. While many of you have been unable to physically attend worship, you’ve continued to pray, engage with us online, and give financially. Thank you for your faithfulness, and I’m looking forward to being able to return to a more normal ministry schedule soon. 

Your Pastor,