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About Northway Worship


Northway Worship is the team that leads the music for all Northway Church services week to week. Our vision ties closely to the overall church vision of being “For The Gospel.” In everything we do, from the lyrics we sing, the events we lead, the songs we write, and the way we live, we aim to point back to the good news of the Gospel. All of our hope as a team rests in the fact that Jesus hung on a cross and took our place so that our debt would be paid. Not only did He die in our place, but He rose again and proved that even death could not hold Him down. When we place our faith in Jesus, he takes us from death to life. There is no better news and nothing more worthy of our worship!


In 2017, Northway Worship began a songwriting project for a debut EP titled “Northway Worship.” Songs like "Risen King" and "Gift of Heaven" quickly became anthems in our worship. In 2019, we released "Chains" as part of a sermon series and book release titled “Unchained” written by our Lead Pastor, Kevin Mills. Our youth worship band, Northway Youth, also released their debut album “Live from Fall Retreat” in early 2019. This album was recorded live in late 2018 with songs like "Nothing Else" and "Breaking Free" becoming some of our students' favorites.


Our prayer moving forward is that we continue to see God glorified through song writing, the growth of our team, and the growth of our church. We believe that God has great things in store as he continues to bring people "From Death to Life."

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