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Northway University

May 12 - Jun 2

Northway University 

Spring 2021

May 12 – June 2

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Course Descriptions

Theology 101: Basic doctrines of the Bible

Led by Kevin Mills

Many Christians have an idea of what they believe, but they don’t always know why they believe the way they do.  In Theology 101, Pastor Kevin will expound upon many of the scripture passages in the Bible that define what we believe and, as a result, equip you to know why you hold to certain doctrinal beliefs.  

Over the four weeks, he will cover:

    • The Doctrine of the Bible
    • The Doctrine of Jesus (Christology)
    • The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology)
    • The Doctrine of the End Times (Eschatology)

(Note: This is a repeat of the sessions Pastor Kevin led in the winter of 2020.)

Discipleship 201:  The Stages of Spiritual Growth

Led by Nicchi Saxon

The Bible is very clear in describing the five stages of spiritual growth and how it parallels our physical growth as a human being.  In this course, you will be able to identify these stages and be equipped to move from where you might be currently to where you could or should be.  This would be of particular value to those who may be small group leaders with students and adults.

Bible 201:  Getting More out of My Bible 

Led by Phil Anderson

Have you just started reading your Bible, but you’re not understanding what you read?  Or do you read your Bible, but it’s been difficult to be consistent?  Bible 201 will equip you in how to develop the habit of spending time alone with God and how you can understand and apply scripture to your life.

Bible 301: Studying the Bible for yourself

Led by Matt London

Do you ever sit in church or a Bible study and wonder how the teacher gained such insight into a passage? You can go deeper into your study of the scriptures by learning some simple steps presented in Bible 301.  In the process you’ll uncover new insights for yourself.  This class would be particularly helpful to leaders as they prepare to teach Bible studies.