Home Teams

Stank ht 3We believe that life is better connected, so we encourage every adult to be a part of a small group which we call Home Teams.

What are Home Teams?

Home Teams are small groups of 6-16 people who meet together during the week at a time and place of their own choosing to study the Bible, and develop relationships. We have found that through these groups, participants not only grow in their faith, but also build close relationships with others that will care for them and encourage them through life’s circumstances.

Home Teams are organized on a semester system forming groups in August for the fall months, January for the winter months, and in April for a short-term spring session.

Click on the “Catalog” link below to see the most recent listing of groups.

What about childcare?

Childcare is offered for groups at the church on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Home Teams may meet at the church or in a nearby home on those nights. We also offer a Childcare Reimbursement Plan for groups that meet on other nights of the week. Each couple or group arranges their own childcare, pays the market rate, and then submits a form to be reimbursed at a pre-determined rate. Click on the link below for the form or to arrange childcare at the church.