Earlier this year I wrote an article about the vision behind the opening of Cathedral Coffee as a ministry of Northway Church. There are many who have embraced this vision and use this venue as a place for Bible studies, or to bring a client and talk about spiritual things, to pray with other individuals, or to simply to fellowship with friends. Our leadership has spent hours praying over the physical space and for the ministry of Cathedral Coffee. I believe the Lord led us to construct and open this facility, and it has been a great joy to see lives impacted through Cathedral’s ministry.

This past week, I received an email that not only confirmed this belief, but was such a blessing to me and the staff of Cathedral Coffee. This email was from a lady who lives in north Georgia and found herself in Macon for a couple of days. Here is a portion of what she wrote:

This week, my husband had to attend a training in Macon for work and I decided to make the trip with him. Since my job requires a lot of me showing up well for other people, sometimes I need time away to show up well for myself and all the Lord has going on inside me. So, I made the trip to Macon knowing I wanted to spend some intentional time with the Lord and hopefully explore some things He has been stirring in my heart for a few months now. Little did I know I would find a beautiful coffee shop, called Cathedral Coffee, where the Lord would meet me right under a beautiful stained glass window.

I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday sitting under that stained glass window taking in all the Lord was pouring out. Let me tell you, He was pouring out a lot. Like a good friend filling you in on all the things they have been busting at the seams to tell you. And I drank it up…every bit…hoping I did not miss one sip of the goodness. So, I tell you all this because I want you and your church to know that the Lord is in that coffee shop. He meets people like me under the stained glass window when we are seeking him, but I also believe He is meeting people there even when they do not seek Him. I just picture Him sitting next to people as they do homework, meet for lunch, have work meetings, and simply do life with friends. He is there whether they realize it or not. The Lord meets people in Cathedral Coffee. If you or anybody in your church ever doubt that, I pray you will go sit in that leather chair right under the stained glass window and be reminded that the Lord had a plan for every single dollar, every single prayer, and every single hour that went into that coffee shop.

I hope you, your church staff, and your members soak up the opportunity that coffee shop can be. I hope you do life with people over coffee in that coffee shop. I hope you spend your workday in that coffee shop sometimes. Yes, it may get distracting and you may not work as efficiently, but I am confident the Lord will show up and make it a blessing.

I will wrap all this up by saying thank you. I want to thank you and your church for everything that went into Cathedral Coffee. It is a special place and I so enjoyed getting to meet the Lord there. I hope that one day I get to visit again because Cathedral Coffee will forever be the place where the Lord called me out of the easy and into boldness. Thank you for providing that beautiful space that is Cathedral Coffee. The Lord is there and I hope you all drink up what He pours out there.

While I’ve heard many stories of ways the Lord has used our coffee shop in the lives of others, this particular one has been the greatest blessing to me so far. I’m planning on taking the advice she gave on to spend a day or two working in Cathedral. If the Lord spoke to her so powerfully and clearly, perhaps He’ll do the same with me as well.

Kevin Mills is the Lead Pastor at Northway Church in Macon, Georgia.